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If a firm such as a section 8 Company, a charitable trust, societies, etc. gets some contribution from the foreign bodies, then it has to undergo the FCRA registration. These firms in India have to get them registered under Sec 6(1) of the FCRA, which stands for Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010. Under this act, any organisation, who seeks for any contributions for definite cultural, social, economic, educational or religious programmes can obtain the FCRA registration by “prior permission”. 


Eligibility criteria for FCRA registration 

Any firm, including a charitable trust, society or a section 8 Company, whosoever gets contribution from any foreign investment, is eligible for the FCRA registration. Moreover, the Company which wants to have approval after the FCRA registration must have spent at least Rs.10,00,000/- over the last three years on its aims and objects, excluding administrative expenditure.


Documents required for the FCRA Registration

The following are the documents which are required for the registration pROCess:

Self-certified copy of registration certificate or the Trust Deed of the association 

Self-certified copy of the relevant pages of the Memorandum of Association or the Article of Association.

Jpg file of signature of the chief functionary 

Activity report of the association of the past three years which includes all the details in the report

Copies of the audited statements of accounts which are relevant such as Assets and Liabilities, Receipt and Payment, Income and Expenditure, etc and any other admin expenditure of the past 3 years. 


How to register for FCRA

The application of the FCRA registration can be made online. The application can be made using the Form FC-3. The following is the pROCedure for registration: 

In the FCRA online portal 

Click on the option ‘FCRA online forms’ for registering in the FCRA. 

Now click for the application form of the FCRA registration and fill in the FC3 form

Enter the mandatory details and then submit all the documents. 


Registration fees have to be paid online worth 2000/- for registration and 1000/- for prior permission. Moreover, the registration is valid for a tenure of 5 years and has to be renewed 6 months prior to the expiry of the existing registration term. 

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can the FCRA registration be made online?

Yes, the FCRA registration can be made online to the official site. The application can be made using the Form FC-3.