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Introduction to ComPANies Act, 2013

As there has been significant growth in the number of entrepreneurs in India, there has been a growth in the different types of Company registrations in India. These entrepreneurs do have expertise in their fields but everyone cannot be good at everything. Thus, there is some kind of guidance which is required under the ComPANies Act, 2013, which comprises of all the mandatory compliances which are required. Thus a Company which has been incorporated in India must ensure all the compliances with the ComPANies Act of 2013.   

The ComPANies Act, 2013 regulates appointment, qualification, remuneration, and the retirement of the directors of the organisation.

It looks to those aspects of conducting Board Meetings and Shareholders Meetings.

The ComPANies Act, 2013, also accounts for the preparation and presentation of annual accounts along with the regular maintenance of books of accounts.


Types of Compliances under the ComPANies Act, 2013

The Compliances which come under the ComPANies Act, 2013 can be categorized into the following types:

After incorporation compliances under ComPANies Act, 2013

Annual compliances under ComPANies Act, 2013

Event-based compliances under ComPANies Act, 2013



After Incorporation Compliances under ComPANies Act, 2013

Verification of Registered Office

Display Company information

 First Board Meeting

Appointment of auditor

Share Certificate Issuance

Disclosure of Interest by Directors

Maintenance of Minutes

Maintenance of Statutory Registers


Annual Compliances under ComPANies Act, 2013

Board Meetings

Annual General Meeting

Receipt of Form MBP-1

Receipt of Form DIR-2

Preparation of the Director’s Report

Preparation and circulation of Financial Statements

Appointment of Auditor

Filing of E-Form MGT-7

Filing of E-Form AOC-4


Event-based Compliances under ComPANies Act, 2013

Change in Directorship

Change in Registered Office Address

Increase in Authorized Capital

Change in Company Name

Registration/Amendment/ Settlement of Charge


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