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If you want to start a Company of your own, things aren’t as easy you might presume. A name of the Company is perhaps one of the first things which must be taken into notice. A Company’s name is of utmost importance for it is the Company’s identity. The name of the Company helps in the unique identification of your Company’s services or products. Moreover, getting a name for a Company reserved is extremely important as most of the comPANies or firms, especially start-ups, believe in the word-of-mouth advertisement. 


Also, getting a brand name registration in India can be done offline as well as by online methods. But one thing must be kept in mind that the brand name registration search must be done before you register the brand name in India. 



While you choose your Company’s name there are some of the guidelines which have to be kept in mind. This is because choosing a business name is not as easy as it seems, and if you know the fact that the name won’t be forever, then things are more difficult. The name of a business is the first thing which creates an impression on the minds of potential customers. Few of the mistakes which must be avoided while you choose the name are mentioned as follows:

The name must not be hard to spell.

The name should not be identical to any existing name

Having used the name of the registered trademark

The name should be bound to the particular location

The name should not be opposite to the sector business

Should not consider the domain name and internet promotion

The name should not be related to the association of government authorities


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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is DIN?

DIN or Director Identification Number is a unique Identification Number allotted to the person appointed as a director of a company. A DIN can be acquired by filling the SPICe form at the time of incorporation of the company.

What is the SPICe form?

The Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically or SPICe helps incorporate a company with a single application for: ● the reservation of name; ● application for allotment of DIN; ● incorporation of a new company; and ● allotment of PAN and TAN. The form integrates many steps that were earlier individual forms into a single process and makes the company formation process time-efficient

What is DSC?

A DSC is a Digital Signature Certificate. You can obtain a DSC from any certifying agency recognized by the government. Since the entire registration process is now online, all the forms need a valid DSC.

What is RUN? Is it required for company registration?

Reservation of name or RUN is a web service used for reserving a name for a new company or to change the name for any existing company.

How can I avail the services of RUN?

To avail the services of RUN you need to create an account at the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”) portal. After creating an account, you can avail the RUN services. You are allowed to propose two names under this service. However, the name applied for will either be approved or rejected and that no resubmissions are allowed.

How long is the approved name valid for?

An approved name is valid for 20 days from the date of approval of such name