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Copyright is additionally a form of holding protection, something a bit like trademark and patents. If you've got registered as under this copyright registration, under the Copyright Act, 1957 then you become the legal owner of your creative work, be it either a book, painting, website or simply anything. It gives permission to the owner to sue anyone who so ever recreates the work of the owner without the permission of the owner. Anyone who has his works registered under this copyright act can only permit others to recreate their work.


Also under the copyright registration, there are many other rights which are offered and these are communicated to the general public, rights of reproduction, adaptation, and translation of the work. But talking of the scope, ideas, pROCedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts can not be copyrighted.


It protects the subsequent

If you've got done Copyright registration then you may protect these following mentioned under the Copyright law:

Cinematography film

Sound recording, Music work or recording

Books and original literary works

Artworks like paintings, photographs, etc.

Computer programs, Websites etc.

Broadcasts on Radio and television


Benefits of copyright registration

If you're a creator, then it becomes abundantly important for you to register under this Copyright Act. This protects and secures all comPANies, authors, writers, software developers, and plenty of other fields and offers many benefits, a number of which are mentioned below:

It offers legal protection and also offers Infringement Protection

Copyright protection may be extended even after the death of the creator, i.e. for a tenure of 60 years.

The protection offers clear evidence just in case there's litigation which pROCeeds.

It helps within the branding for it allows the people to grasp that you just look after your product thus also aim to safeguard it.

It restricts the unauthorised reproduction of the work

These are holding which suggests that they might be traded and commercially

It helps people to understand that employment is one in all its kind and isn't copied from the other place.

It also offers global protection for the works which are copyrighted in India, are protected in many other countries yet.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How can I copyright my work for free?

To register a book or other creative work, simply go to, the website set up by the Library of Congress. There is an online portal to register copyrights for photographs, sculptures and written works. Fill out the form, pay the fee and you are registered.

What does it mean to register a copyright?

The purpose of copyright registration is to place on record a verifiable account of the date and content of the work in question, so that in the event of a legal claim, or case of infringement or plagiarism, the copyright owner can produce a copy of the work from an official government source

How long does it take to get a copyright?

about 3 months

How much does a copyright cost in India?

Fee ranges from 500 INR to 5,000 INR, depending on the form of work. The fee can either be in the form of Demand Draft or Indian Postal Order favouring “Registrar of Copyright Payable at New Delhi” or through E-payment

Can you put a copyright on anything?

You can place the copyright symbol on any original piece of work you have created. The normal format would be to include alongside the copyright symbol the year of first publication and the name of the copyright holder, however there are no particular legal requirements regarding this

How do you avoid copyright?

How to Avoid Copyright Infringement 1. Copyright laws are designed to protect the creator of original works, which are creative expressions from others using and profiting their work, without permission. ... 2. Use Caution If It's Not Your Original Work. ... 3. Read, Read, Read. ... 4. Don't Believe the Urban Legends. ... 5. Look for Fair Use.

What are the rules of copyright?

Copyright is the legal and exclusive right to copy, or permit to be copied, some specific work of art. If you own the copyright on something, someone else cannot make a copy of it without your permission. Copyright usually originates with the creator of a work, but can be sold, traded, or inherited by others

Who can apply for copyright?

Who Can Register a Copyright? Only the author of an original work or someone who has obtained rights through the author can register a copyright. employer – not the employee is considered the author. The creators of joint works are co-owners of the copyright unless they have agreed to the contrary.

How do you copyright a logo?

How to Copyright a Logo Design? 1. 1 – Fill and Submit the application. You can find the copyright form online quickly. ... 2. 2 – Pay a registration Fee. The registration fee to copyright a logo is $39, and the cost to send a paper application form is $65. ... 3. 3 – Submit the copies of your logo. ... 4. 4 – Getting a confirmation mail.

Can I copyright my website?

There isn't a register of copyright works in the UK. You automatically get copyright protection when you create: original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work, including illustration and photography. original non-literary written work, such as software, web content and databases

Can I use TM if not trademarked?

The TM symbol actually has no legal meaning. You can use the symbol on any mark that your company uses without registering it. The most common use of the TM symbol is on a new phrase, logo, word, or design that a company plans to register through the USPTO.

What happens if you copyright?

Damages. If you used someone else's copyrighted material and commercially profited from that use, you may have to pay him monetary damages, and court may prohibit you from further using his material without his consent. ... You may also have to give the copyright owner your profits as restitution.

How long can I use a song without copyright?

You may have heard of "fair use," a copyright provision that permits you to use 10, 15 or 30 seconds of music without copyright obligation. That is, you understand that you can use a short section of a song without paying a fee.

How do I change an image to avoid copyright?

Besides, we should further know how to avoid copyright dispute and use images safely. 1. Understanding Copyright Law. ... 2. Don't take any image from the internet. ... 3. Take images free from public domain. ... 4. Download from google changing 'Usage Right' ... 5. Be Creative. ... 6. Don't trust on 'Fair Use' ... 7. Receive permission. ... 8. Give Credit.