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This type of registration is necessary for anyone who wishes to indulge in the food business or is already involved in it. Be it any type of food business, one must have an FSSAI license certificate which is acquired after you have successfully done the FSSAI registration. Be it any food businesses like Manufacturing, PROCessing, Catering, Storage, Distribution, Packaging, Export/Import, retail sale of food products in India or outside India, etc. an FSSAI license is a must for them. 


Fssai registration


The FLRS system is an online system which is launched by the FSSAI for the facilitation of the Food business operators in India to apply for a License/ Registration certificate. This application also allows them to track their progress of the application during the course of the pROCessing period.


The FSSAI registration pROCedure starts with a filling up of a form which costs Rs. 100 only. After that, these are the pROCesses for FSSAI registration. 


  1. The Unique Application Reference Number which is received is later used for the further pROCess.
  2. The Registering Authority decides whether the permit should be given or not.
  3. If permission isn’t granted, then there is an inspection which is ordered within a period of 7 days.
  4. If it issues the inspection, then a check is done within 30 days from the date of issuance.
  5. Later if everything seems to be okay, the FSSAI grants the FBO to start their business.

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