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The hotels and eateries, amusement parks, entertainment houses, public amusement places, or just about any places like these are also regulated by some kind of Acts. All these come under the Shop and Establishment Act which is applicable across the whole nation.


In fact, any entity when they start to hire people, say either full time or part-time, or casual workers, etc. then they are regulated by certain rules and regulations which they have to abide by. This rule protects the workers’ rights and ensures proper working conditions. This is the Shop Establishment Certificate, which is also called Shop License informally.


This is essential for every new shop or an establishment to get itself registered under the Shops and Establishment Act and for Delhi this registration the preliminary registration is done by the Form-C. 


The registration process for Shop & Establishment

  1. Each and every state has a different procedure for the establishment process, but the basics remain the same. The application has to be filed along with the following.
  2. The name of shop or establishment
  3. PAN card of the owner or business
  4. Address of the establishment and a copy of sale deed or rental agreement of the shop 
  5. Name of the employer and employees


  1. After the application is received by the Chief, he may come and pay a visit for issuance of the certificate.
  2. This certificate is then to be displayed to the public and if there are any changes, they must be done.


Some guidelines for the Shop and establishment 

These are some of the guidelines which are to be kept in mind while you register for this Shop and Establishment. 

  1. Each and every establishment is required to be registered under the Delhi Shops Act, 1954. This must be done 90 days before the actual commencement of the work. 
  2. The chief inspector should be notified by the occupier of any of the changes in respect of any information which is contained in the registration certificate. This should be done within a time span of 30 days after the changes have been made.
  3. The Registration Certificate has to be renewed once every 21 years.


For closing the firm

In case the occupier wants to close the establishment, he must report to the chief inspector 15 days before the closing of the establishment. The chief would then remove the certificate of the firm as well as the establishment from the register of establishments. 

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