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The APEDA or Agricultural & PROCessed Food Products Export Development Authority is a government organization which was established in 1985. The act which provides financial assistance, information, guidelines towards the development of scheduled products, was implemented by an act for the development and promotion of export of scheduled products. 


The products which are specified under this APEDA ACT are known as schedule products and are required to be registered under APEDA. 


Registration PROCess guidelines of APEDA

For the registration pROCess under the APEDA,  the following are the steps involved: 

The application form has to be submitted by the applicant 1 month from the date of undertaking the business. 

If the exporter of the scheduled products fails to register within that time limit then only the concerned authorities can extend the date for the same, if there is any valid reason. 

After the filling of the application and paying the application fees, the authority will issue Registration -Cum- Membership- Certificate (RCMC), which is a one-time registration. Under this registration, all the members who have registered under this, are governed and protected by the guidelines under the APEDA Act. 


Documents required for registration

These are the documents which are required for the application pROCess: 

A signed application form

A copy of the Import-Export code issued by D.G.F.T.

Bank certificate which is signed by the concerned authorities. 

Bank A/c. statement for the latest 2 months of the bank account of the firm.

A cancelled cheque. 


The advantage of APEDA Registration

The following are the benefits of the APEDA registration: 

The APEDA registration is mandatory for all the export of scheduled products. 

There are various financial assistance schemes of the APEDA which the exporters can avail.  

It provides various guidelines for the exporters on the various products and services, 

The exporters can benefit in brand publicity through advertisement, packaging development, database up-gradation and surveys etc.

The members who are registered can improve their products by participating in the programs which are organised by APEDA.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is RCMC in APEDA?

Once the application duly filled and paid by the applicant, the authority will issue Registration -Cum- Membership- Certificate (RCMC). This registration is a one-time registration and all the registered members are governed by the rules & regulations under APEDA Act.

Can we export without RCMC?

It is possible to exports but you can not get a quality certificate from government agencies like APEDA. and not get government benefits like duty drawback so that my advise you take RCMC to related your products Export Promotion Council.

Is RCMC mandatory for import?

No, RCMC is not required for Import. Instead, RCMC is required for Exports. ... It is a membership with Export Promotion Council (EPC).