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What is a Consultancy Agreement?

The Consultancy Agreement is a contract between the consultant and the recruiter which defines all the important details and terms of the agreement. It tells us about the job requisites, timelines, the agreed arrangement of payment and transaction as well as other features which are then associated with the rendering or the synthesis of the service by the consultant. If the job of the consultant is to create a brand new design or innovation, then the consultancy contract also defines the firm which takes ownership of the intellectual property.



Benefits of a Consultancy Agreement

The following are the benefits of a consultancy agreement:


Minimises Liabilities- A well-defined Consultancy contract is beneficial as it would help in the reduction of filing of lawsuits. This is because the rights and responsibilities of all the involved parties are clearly defined in the contract.


Assures Confidentiality- The Consultancy contract has to be well defined and devised systematically if the work involves details or information which has to be kept classified.



Consultancy Agreement PROCess

The following consultancy agreement pROCess is followed:

After you request to file a Consultancy Agreement and after we receive it, our representatives would get in touch and would look forward to your request. 

If there is a need for any further detail which has to be furnished, then our experts would call you as and when required. 

After your details have been recorded, our in-house lawyers and legal experts create the Consultancy Agreement and then send the document within 2-4 working days. 

The fees for a Consultancy Agreement includes two rounds of iterations. If there is any change which is required then our experts would work accordingly and update the changes and give it to you for the review pROCess.




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