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About Employee State Insurance:

Employee State Insurance is a self-financed comprehensive against all sort of events of sickness, maternity, disablement and death due to employment injury and to provide medical care to the insured employees and their families. This Social Security Scheme is for social protection of the covered 'employees' in the organized sections.



ESI is mandatory for all those entities employing 10 or more people all together. Any employee who has an income less than Rs. 21,000 per month contributes 1.75% of his/her salary towards the ESI and as per the employer, they pay a 4.75% towards the ESI making a total of 6.5% which has to be paid to their employees.


Entities covered under ESIC

1. Shops

2. Restaurants or Hotels only engaged in sales.

3. Cinemas

4. Road Motor Transport Establishments

5. Newspaper establishments which are not covered below the factory act)

6. Private Educational Institutions


Benefits of ESI:

If you register under the ESIC scheme, then the benefits of the same are mentioned below These are:

If any illness persists for a period of more than 91 days in a year, then there is a sickness benefit which is provided at the rate of 70% (in the form of salary). 

Medical benefits for the employee and his family members.

Maternity Benefit for women (paid leaves)

Funeral expenses 

If there is a demise of the employee while on work, then 90% of the salary is given to his dependents every month after the death of the employee

Oldage care medical expenses


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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is the insurance number?

To recognize each employee, the ESI scheme allows a unique identification number to every worker. This number is called the insurance number and is used for all operational purposes.

Is it required by law for an employer to register with ESIC Act?

The law of India states that it is mandatory for every employee to register within ESI. It is considered a statutory responsibility. A factory or establishment has to apply for the scheme within 15 days from the date it becomes eligible.

After ESI registration is completed, how many returns need to be filed per year?

Once a factory or establishment is recognized within the ESIC Act, it has to file ESI returns two times per year. For each return filed, the underlying documents have to be submitted: ● A register of wages ● A register of the attendance of employees ● A register of Form 6 ● Challans and returns of every month ● A register of any accidents that may have occurred on the premises of the business,

Why should you select caadvocatecs for ESI registration?

ESI forms can be filled online but they require exact information with no buffer for mistakes. Additionally, the application is long and exhaustive and requires meticulous attention to be filled accurately. At Caadvocatecs we ensure that no error is made and that the ESI registration is completed as fast as possible and with no glitches. We make the procedure seamless and smooth for you.

Who is eligible for ESI registration?

Hence, as long as an establishment employs 10 or more persons, it would be required to obtain ESI registration. Establishments employing less than 10 employees drawing less than Rs.21,000 per month as wages will not be required to obtain ESI registration.

How can I claim my ESIC amount?

Form-15 claim for dependent benefit by ESIC.

Can ESIC be transferred?

Contributions paid against one insurance number cannot be transferred to another number