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If there is a sudden demise of a member of a family, then the assets and the property of the deceased has to be passed onto the heir of the deceased person. This can be done by the means of having a legal heir certificate. This Legal Heir certificate is an important document as it helps to furnish a relationship between the deceased and the heirs. After receiving the death certificate of the deceased from the corporation, the successors have to apply for this certificate in order to claim the property and the dues of the deceased person. 


Uses of Legal Heir Certificate

The legal heir certificate is able to identify the rightful successor of a deceased person. The heir is capable of claiming and then owning the assets and properties of the deceased person. This certificate helps the eligible heirs to claim over the deceased property of the person. The following people are considered as the legal heirs who can claim a legal certificate under the guidance of the Indian Law:

The Spouse of the deceased person

The Children of the deceased (either Son or Daughter)

Parents of the deceased 

Sibling of the deceased, if any


Purpose of the Legal heir certificate:

When you register a legal heir certificate can be used for the following purposes:

For the transfer of properties and assets of the demised person to his legal successors.

It can be used to claim for insurance.

Can be used for sanctioning and pROCessing of the family pension of the deceased employee, if applicable.

It can be used to receive dues such as provident fund, gratuity etc. of the deceased person from the Government

To receive salary arrears of the deceased if the person was a state or central government employee.

It can also be used for seeking employment, based on compassionate appointments.


Documents Required

In order to apply for a legal heir certificate, there is the following list of documents which has to be furnished:

Signed application form

Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Passport or any other government-issued identity card for the Identity and Address proof of the applicant

The Death certificate of the deceased person

All legal heirs have to submit their proof of Date of Birth in the form of birth certificate, school transfer/leaving certificate, PAN card, passport etc.

Affidavit of self-undertaking 

The address proof of the deceased

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