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Sometimes when you want to set up a business empire of your own you may face the tedious challenge of coming up with an LLP Company name. A Company/LLP name is indeed an important aspect of a Company/LLP’s identity. Just like it is necessary to have a unique name for yourself, the same is with that of the matter of the Company. A unique Company/LLP name helps you to identify and distinguish your products or services with the rest of the others. 


There may be times when you might want to have a different name for your LLP. Perpahs maybe, you would have even a better name for your organization. Then what should you do?


Well, if a designated partner or partners of the LLP files a form regarding the change of the name of the LLP, then the Registrar looks into the matter. The required documents have to be submitted along with the fees and the pROCedure begins. This form can be used for both purposes. Firstly, if you want to set up a new name for a new LLP or if you want to change the name of the LLP firm to something new while you are already established. 


How can you change the name?


The name of an LLP can be changed can be done in accordance with the provision of rule 20(1) of the LLP Act 2008. Moreover, as per the LLP Act, 2008, the change of the name may occur through the following methods:

Suo moto under Section 16

Directions from Central Government under Section 17

Directions to Registrar under Section 18


The name which has been filed for the change is reserved for a tenure of 3 months. In case, the Registrar is certain that the name which has been proposed is not complying with all the rules and regulations regarding the matter, then it is possible for the Registrar to reject the application. Then again a different name has to be thought of which follows all the regulations and you can fill a form.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Before applying to the MCA for an LLP company registration, can I check the availability of my proposed company name?

Yes, you can before applying to the MCA.

I have got the RoC approval for changing the name of my company. Where should I update this change in the name?

After you have received the new Certification of Incorporation from the RoC, you need to update the new name in all or more of the following- 1. In the office seal 2. In the promissory notes, hundies, bills of exchange and other such official publications 3. Inform the bank where the current account of the company is in operation. 4. Inform concerned Government authorities such as CDSL, NSDL, Tax authorities, PF & ESI authorities, etc. 5. Inform the customers and suppliers 6. In social media accounts and company websites 7. In Email footers 8. In the company PAN and TAN 9. On company stationery - letterheads, business cards, etc. 10. Voicemails, messages on answering machines 11. Company registers 12. Employment Contracts 13. Update business licenses or permits 14. Supplier Contracts

After an LLP formation can I still apply for the Company name change?

Yes, if a designated partner or partners of the LLP files a form regarding the change of a name of the LLP, then the Registrar looks into the matter and the name of the LLP can be changed.