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Project Report or Business Report or Valuation is a pROCess of assessment or better-called appraisal of the assets of a Company including:

Tangible or intangible assets

Security assets

All liabilities and a specific business as a going concern

Any Company whether it is listed or unlisted

Any other forms of organization assets (for eg.partnership or proprietorship, etc )


The term ‘Value’ in valuation means the worth and can be in terms of materialistic or monetary worth. This worth can be estimated and evaluated in terms of the medium of exchange.


Factors Influencing the Valuation

Business valuation is a tedious task and is very much crucial for the organisation. For the evaluation purpose, there are a lot of factors, professional judgement and experience which is necessary. This pROCess must be undertaken by a valuation professional who meets the appropriate credentials.  The factors include, as listed below:

Recognising or knowing the purpose of the valuation

The subject Company is being affected by the value drivers. 

Understanding of the industry

Competitive and economic factors

The selection and application for the proper approaches of valuation.


Reasons for valuation:

The following are the following reasons for which we need the valuation:

The formulation of a scheme for uniting or amalgamation with others.

For the purchase and/or sale of shares of the private associates and firms

For the purpose of raising a loan on the security of shares.

For the Conversion of shares

We even require valuations for the acquisition of shares of dissenting shareholders under a scheme of reconstruction. 

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is Value?

Amount of commodity, money etc. consider equivalent for something else, material monetary worth, desirability, utility, qualities on which it depends. Value is the actual worth of a particular object Value for which a willing seller will part with the land in favour of the willing buyer, Value is an estimate of the cost of a commodity on the certain date depending on its utility, scarcity, transferability and marketability.

What is a Valuation?

Valuation is an opinion of an expert, who assesses the value of an asset. His assessment depends on the purpose for which the evaluation is sought, his honest judgment and the most important factor - his experiences.

Who is a Chartered Engineer?

A Chartered Engineer is a member of Institution of Engineers (India). The Institute grants him a certificate to act as "Chartered Engineer" based on his academic qualification and experience. Importers and Exporters require their services to certify the value of Goods/Equipment/Plant for Custom/Duty drawback/excise purposes.

Who is a Surveyor/Loss Assessor?

Surveyor is a person who assesses the losses of insured assets in the event of a mishap/loss for settling the claims. The License is issued by the Controller of Insurance based on the qualification and experience of the person.